Stories from the X-Files: Fan Fiction by Ann K

Novels and longer works


Fade, a novella in six chapters

Summary: Mulder never returns after his abduction in "Requiem," leaving Scully alone and a single mother. Years later, fate conspires to bring her back to the man she has never forgotten. Can she accept the truth she finds?

Keywords: MSR, Skinner, William

Rating: R, with some bad words and sexual content

Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five, Chapter Six


Implications, an occasional series 

Summary: Scully makes a decision that changes everything in her relationship with Mulder. How will they cope with the consequences in their personal and professional lives?

Keywords: MSR, angst

Rating: NC-17, for sexual content

Implications: The Beginning

Implications II: Damned


Tachyon, a time-travel casefile

Summary: While investigating a mysterious string of missing person cases in rural Mississippi, Mulder and Scully become lost themselves. Will they discover their way home before they are lost forever?

Keywords: M/S partnership, Skinner, casefile

Rating: PG-13

Part One: LostPart Two: Discovery, Part Three: Flight, Part Four: Travel

Part Five: Renewal


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