Stories from the X-Files: Fan Fiction by Ann K

Post-Episode/Missing Scene Stories



Flying Lessons, post-ep for "Elegy"

Rating: PG

Summary:   Mulder and Scully react to Scully's visions of death and their fears over her cancer.

Keywords: MSR, post-ep (season four)


For Now, post-ep for "Audrey Pauley"

Rating: NC-17 (f/f slash)

Summary: Reyes returns home from the hospital to find a friend waiting to comfort her.

Keywords: Reyes/Scully romance, post-ep (season nine)


Variant Chill, post-ep for "The Pine Bluff Variant"

Rating: PG

Summary: Scully helps Mulder come to terms with his near-death experience at the hands of the militia.

Keywords: M/S partnership, post-ep (season five)



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