Stories from the X-Files: Fan Fiction by Ann K

Stand-alone stories (in alphabetical order)



At the End of the World

Rating: A dark R (MSR, character death)

Summary: Mulder and Scully face the end of the world together.


A Holiday Wish

Rating: PG (MSR, Christmas fic)

Summary: Scully spends the holidays away from Mulder and William. A stranger teaches her to believe in wishes again.


Peep Show

Rating: R (MSR, sexual content)

Summary: It's all in the timing. Mulder tries to make amends to Scully for their bad day, and they both get more than they bargained for.



Rating: NC-17 (MSR, angst, some Doggett/Scully UST, challenge fic)

Summary: Mulder, Scully, and Doggett complete their first field assignment together, giving Scully the opportunity to define her changing relationship with Mulder--only Doggett is caught in the middle.


Three's a Crowd

Rating: NC-17 (MSR, sexual content, challenge fic)

Summary: The bizarre end to a challenging case leaves Mulder and Scully with conflicting emotions. The perfect situation arises for them to act on their feelings. My first X-Files story!


Unsinkable (written with Li'l Gusty)

Rating: PG (MSR, dog fic)

Summary: Scully gets a dog. Mulder wonders why. The answers they uncover reveal a truth, both about themselves and their relationship.



Rating: R (MSR, sexual content)

Summary: Scully struggles with her desire for Mulder, and her partner unwittingly gives her the desire to move forward.


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