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Last updated August 21, 2001. 
If you find out where the summer went, let me know.
I'd like to kick its ass for going AWOL.

Welcome. You are here.

Where is here? It's the place where JHJ Armstrong's imagination runs amok and takes the
X-Files with it. I hear some call it fanfic. All I know is, I've lost far more than 
9 minutes writing it. I'm not very prolific, but I'm proud of the quality.

Happy reading, and won't you ping me to tell me what you thought? Catch you on the flip side.

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Death Will Change Your Life (Parts 1-7/?, R)
A maniacal little WIP escapade with EPurSeMouve, my Partner in Bad Crack.
It's got KISS, garden gnomes and rediscovery. Try it -- you'll like it.

Incomplete Thought (7K, PG-13)
Melancholy, baby.

Saturday Night Special (33K, NC-17)
Scully's aim is always true.

Beyond the Blue (53K, PG-13)
A man named Dave, a woman named Lainey, and a boy named Jacob. 
(Not to worry, our heroes are here, too.)
Winner of the Church of X fanfic challenge for December 2000.

And Cupid Laughed (32K, NC-17)
So much depends on a painted carousel. Another improv, post-ep for "The Goldberg Variation."

In the Infinitive (4.5K, PG-13)
An improv: Cigarette, crime scene, carrot man and ... love?

In Spring (9K, PG-13)

The evolution of a relationship.

Red Stitches and White Leather (15K, PG)
Oh, that I were Scully, able to get lessons in baseball (and life) from Mulder. Put me in, coach!

About Face (24K, NC-17)
My first fic. Posted November 1999. I remember watching "Dreamland II" and that sunflower-seed moment that said "Mulder" like nothing else could. Then, somebody on the MSR-SMUT mailing list challenged us to write a fic based on the ep, exploring how our heroes  would still know each other, even if Mulder *was* that damn ugly. Here's my take.

He Wore A Fedora (16K, R)
Dancing Fool (25K, R)
Two to Tango (17K, NC-17)
Oh, these were fun. My second, third and fourth stories. "Fedora" was first, then "Dancing Fool" and finally "Two to Tango." Basically, we have Mulder, Scully, a striptease and smut. What more could you want?

Hope for the End of the Day (5K, G)
Vignette, Scully POV. Sometimes, we just need a reminder that somebody else thinks our lives really are worth the trouble.

You know, feedback is what makes writers write. 
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Yup, I'm a fanfic writer. Nope, I don't own them.
If you have a problem with that -- bite me.

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