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Naturally all authors are recommended by me -- or they wouldn't be here XD. Nevertheless, the following authors are in a league of their own: Jacquie LaVa for some fantabulous stories, Donnilee for the yummiest smuttiest fic you could ever wish for, Girlie_girl7 for top-class humour and Vickie Moseley for her stories which are just plain impressive.

All right, on with the show!


Jeannine Ackerson


Jennifer Arthur

Barenaked Bostonian & Triple Pirouette

Laura Baylis

Lydia Bower


Dasha K.

Dasha K. & Plausible Deniability

B. Dipherowa



Donnilee Recommended

Dr. Pepper

Girlie_girl7 Recommended

Girlie_girl7 & Britt Mulder



Leyla Harrison

Anne Haynes

A. I. Irving

Stephanie Kaiser

Jacquie LaVa Recommended

Jacquie LaVa & TBishop

Jacquie LaVa & ML

Christine Leigh

Vickie Moseley Recommended

Vickey Moseley and Summer

Xaviera Nosferatu


Plausible Deniability


Karen Rasch

Brandon D. Ray





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