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Here is all the fanfiction I have written (with the exception of stories I have co-authored; a link to those will be provided in the future). I hope you enjoy it! Please write me with comments, suggestions, and general conversation at: [email protected]


General Stories

Unless otherwise noted, all of these stories occur within my "universe." The stories are listed chronologically by order of occurrence, not by the order in which they were originally written or posted. New stories will therefore be placed within this chronology as I finish them and will be labelled NEW! to make them easier to find.



This story is listed separately because it is extremely long (nearly 400K). It is posted in chapters for those readers who need only one or two parts. For those who want the whole novel I have also made a zip file of the complete text and cover art available.

Vengeance has won the following awards:

  • 1996 First Place Spooky Award, Best Portrayal of Scully-Angst
  • 1996 Third Place Spooky Award, Best Presentation of a Recurring TV Character (Margaret Scully)
  • 1996 Third Place Spooky Award, Best Scully Characterization
  • 1997 First Place Starbuck Award, Best Long Story
  • 1997 First Place Starbuck Award, Best Angst Story

For more Spooky Award-winning fanfic, visit The Spooky Awards archive



The Marriage Series

This is an ongoing series of stories, once again listed chronologically in order of occurrence, beginning in about May 1999. At readers' suggestions the series is further split into two parts: the Engagement and the actual Marriage stories. I have written only one Engagement story so far, but others will be added as they are completed.


Story List

This list is updated regularly. If you think something is missing, please let me know!


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